Jun Yang and Hazel’s Wedding Stream

11:00 am Solemnization
12.45 pm March in

We’re getting married!
Solemnisation will begin promptly at 1130hrs, followed by tea ceremony and a wedding lunch reception.

Please stay tuned @ 1245 hrs for our lunch march-in, yum seng and speech!

Live Stream Starting @ 11:00am

Our Story!

Back in 2013, he was a dragonboater (soon-to-be in NTU), and she was a NUS dragonboater.

We cannot continue the story of how we first noticed each other as we both have different memories of what happened haha!

However, we both agree on how we first started chatting. Our mutual friend, Mich, spontaneously created a group chat on WhatsApp titled “Let’s be friends!”. She added both of us in and promptly left the chat. Hazel was taking a nap (what’s new haha) and woke up to these messages on her phone. And that was how things started!

But Hazel was about to leave for an exchange programme in Seoul, South Korea for 6 months. While Hazel was having the time of her life in Seoul, JY waited patiently for her to return before asking her to be his girlfriend! He picked her up from her flight (she landed at 2am) and popped the question with a Rilakkuma soft toy.

7 years later, you are now reading this and we are getting married! #chuasiufunday


What was one of your most memorable first dates?

When we went ice skating together! JY was wobbly and that was when he took the opportunity to hold her hand.

Who’s going to take out the trash?

Whoever happens to be closer to the trash 🙂

Where are you going for your honeymoon?

To our new home… called Woody. And if the pandemic and travel restrictions ease up, maybe Hawaii?

What’s the best meal you have eaten together?

The best meal was a piping hot bowl of tonkotsu ramen in Osaka, Japan after a cold day out. The shop’s name is Mankai!

What’s the most memorable trip you have taken together?

Climbing Teapot Mountain in Taipei. It was raining the first day when we attempted to climb, so we had to abort our plans for the hike. We went back the next day and it was 40degC!

Want to see more photos?

Just Scroll down to see the gallery! These photos were taken in Chiang Mai 😉

A Gallery of Us!