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Actual Day Weddings

Is the 10 hours included in the package enough?

10 Hours which is included in our standard package is enough to cover the morning make up , gatecrashing , tea ceremony , outdoor shoot and the reception.

What if my wedding is a dinner? Won't it be longer than 10 Hours?

A full day wedding has a break in between. The break time in between is not included in the package. The morning and evening segments should only add up to at most 10 hours.

Will you be able to do lunch time video highlights?

Yes we can! But we will need time to edit the video, some portions will not be not have video as the cinematographer will be editing the highlights. Photography will carry on. Portions like the tea ceremony for your extended family or during group photos and the cocktail segment.

What are the payment terms?

A 50% deposit is required on confirmation. Balance is to be completed on the wedding day itself. If you need a few more days let us know, we understand some of you guys need to go deposit the Ang Bao money first!

What are the cancellation terms?

In the unfortunate case where a cancellation is required, the 50% deposit will be forfeited.

How long does it take for the final photos and videos to be ready?

Typically the photos will take around 1 month and the final video around 2 months.

How are the photos and videos delivered to us?

Once the edit is done it will be hosted on a dropbox link.
This can be shared with other family members so they can see the photos as well.

A Physical thumb drive with all of the final edited photos and videos will be mailed to you or have we can have another meet up to hand it to you.

What are the cancellation terms?

In the unfortunate case where a cancellation is required, the 50% deposit will be forfeited.

Pre Wedding & Casual Photoshoot

How do we plan for the photoshoot?

A face to face meeting is preferred to discuss on possible locations for the shoot and schedule.

Can you remove my scars / marks / fats?

The edited photos in the package would include removal or scars ,marks and fats. Please do let our photographers know what is your preference as we might over do it.

Other Services

Can I go to 6 places in 8 hours instead of 4?

The number of places is just a rough guideline. We are flexible with the numbers, as long as we can schedule it within the hours.

How long does it take for the photos to be edited?

Photos take around 1 month to be edited, once you picked out the images that need to be touched up.

How many change of clothes can we do on the shoot?

Same for location, we do not limit the changes as long as we can fit it in to the schedule.