Alan & Denise’s Wedding Livestream


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1:15pm March-in


Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace


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Get to know us

Q: How did we first meet?
Alan & Denise: During the new hires orientation day at both our 1st job. We were both fresh graduates then.

Q: Who made the 1st move?
Alan: Me, I had such a tough time wooing her :p
Denise: Haha, him! I found him pretty annoying at first.

Q: What attracted us to each other?
Alan: She’s cheerful, positive and makes people feel at ease. She adds colours & joy to my life and I can totally be myself when with her.
Denise: He is a handyman. He installed LED lights on my kite when we went kite-flying at night. It was so beautiful up in the sky. There’s only 1 such kite in the world, mine.

Q: What is our favourite physical feature of each other?
Alan: Her smiley eyes.
Denise: His sharp nose.

Q: What is our best memory of each other?
Alan: Her acceptance to be my girlfriend on Easter Day (symbol of new beginning) after a long wooing process.
Denise: When he proposed to me, I was so touched by his sincerity. It was a total unexpected pleasant surprise!

Q: What makes us know that we are the one for each other?
Alan: We have similar values on family and life. She is my best defender, always guarding my goal post so that I can focus to charge forward and score goals in life.
Denise: We share the same values. He makes me feel safe. In all that I do, he always chooses to see the best in me.

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