Kelvin & Sugeen ‘s ROM Stream

陈锦全 & 汤淑惠 婚礼

Stream starting @ 12:00 pm

现场直播@ 下午12点

The Wedding #KelvinSugeen

Our Story!

Thank you
We would like to thank you our family and friends for sharing this special day with us!

Also for all the love, support, encouragement and laughter you have contributed to our lives.

We hope you enjoy the celebration.

Kelvin & Sugeen

感谢各位亲朋和好友在百忙之中抽空参与我们的婚礼,和我们一起见证并分享这一刻的幸福。 谢谢大家对我们爱情,婚姻的祝福。 希望大家把祝福留下,把欢乐带回家。

锦全 & 淑惠